The Twerking:

The Pay Day:



WVU coming in hot!  A little weird to see people from West Virginia acting this way since it’s so widely known as a renowned beacon of culture and class, but who am I to judge.   This is nothing but free market capitalism at its finest.  This girl has a commodity (read: ass) that these bros want, these bros have the cash that she wants.  If any part of this offends you at all then you are most certainly a communist and you can get the fuck out of my country right now.


Also, what in the world is up with these kids and their money tossing technique?  All of these dudes are winding up like they are Kenny Denunez about to throw the heater of a lifetime.  All wrong.  If you know anything about anything then you know that you have to go with the cash in the left palm and fan it out with your right hand, like such:





Oh and real quick before I turn it over to Lil Wayne- Who do you think was more disappointed, her boyfriend or her brother.  Trick question, they’re the same person! Ha. Thought that one up all on my own, pretty clever, huh?


Now take it away Weezy!