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The Daily Beast

A sexy school might not get you a great job, but it might make a difference during your four years on campus. We ranked hotness using College Prowler data on campuses with the best-looking guys and girls. We also factored in sexual health, using Trojan’s annual sexual health report card for colleges across the country. Each of the three factors were weighted equally.

1) Wisconsin

2) Miami U.

3) UGA

4) Alabama

5) Texas

6) USC

7) Yale

8) U. of Miami

9) Iowa

10) SC

11) Illinois

12) Arizona

13) UF

14) UVA

15) Colorado

16) Denver

17) FSU

18) Syracuse

19) Brown

20) MSU


Listen I’m gonna say the same thing I say every year these rankings come out.  You want to know the sexiest schools in the country, all you got to do is look at Smokesmash.  That’s not opinion that’s fact.  Thousands of girls all ranked by Stoolie votes with the cream of the crop rising to the top.  The greatest resource for college smokes on the planet hands down.   I mean I can’t speak for “annual sexual health” and all that nonsense but I know hot when I see hot, and it doesn’t get hotter than that AP Top 25 list on the right side of the page right now.  Or just any casual stroll through the top 25 school rankings for that matter.


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Oh and I don’t have a problem with Wisconsin at #1.  Some of my favorite smokes of all time are Badger girls.  Just saying for a complete list it doesn’t get better than absolute smokebombs getting sorted by Stoolie rankings is all.


And Florida State at #17…lol.







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PS – Wisconsin guys, 9.32 out of 10 – can’t argue with that.