Dude emailed me this with the title “Pussification of America.”   Umm what?  Bro this is literally the best thing any library has ever done in the history of books.  It’s Finals week.  Worst week ever.  Everyone stressed out to all hell crammed in the library like sardines going over mountains of notes.  Braindead on massive piles of adderall and gallons of shitty coffee.   And you’re complaining about free puppies?    If rolling around with a bunch of puppies makes you a pussy I’ll slap on a skirt and pair of shin guards right now and be the biggest pussy you’ve ever seen in your life.   I mean look at these fuckin guys!

Zenny I got a hug for you pal!  I got 1500 hugs for you!  Nameless Golden Retriever I’ll scratch your back for like 4 hours you cute motherfucker!   What up Dooley my brotha!   Awesome.  I think UConn is quickly moving to the top of my favorite schools.  Sold out Blackouts and free puppies.    Fearsome combo.