DJ - A frequent flier is speaking out about an incident in which a TSA agent allegedly slapped his testicles as punishment for opting out of the naked body scanner at a Nevada airport. Steven deForest was flying out of Las Vegas when the incident occurred. “A bulky young TSA agent came over to pat me down,” he told the Huffington Post. “He told me to turn around. He was using his command voice, barking orders. I told him that I wasn’t comfortable turning away from my luggage, which had already been screened, and wanted to keep it in my sight.” According to deForest, the screener knelt down to begin the pat-down procedure before making a shocking move. “As he raised his hands he was looking at me. Then he gave a quick flick and smacked me in one of my testicles,” deForest said. The episode left deForest in a state of “humiliation, rage, and frustration,” according to the report. DeForest believes the agent slapped his gentials as punishment for refusing to enter the backscatter x-ray machine. “I was deliberately assaulted by someone who knew that he could get away with it,” he stated.

How about this whiny baby pussy?  Hey Steve is there anything you don’t complain about?   First you don’t want the X-ray.  Now you don’t want to get sack whacked by TSA agents.  Make up your mind or don’t fly Steve.   Wahh I don’t want cancer, wahh I don’t want people looking at my naked skeleton.  Well this is what happens.  You get cock punched.  Deal with it.   I just want to get from Airport A to Airport B without getting blown the fuck up.  If the only way to do that is to get socked in the dick repeatedly by a glorified rent-a-cop so be it.   Can’t blame them for being cautious, who knows, maybe there are urethra bombs out there.  Nobody had heard of shoe bombs before either.   I’ll take being safe and over-cautious 100 flights out of 100.   Fly to LAX with an icepack on my bruised ball sack and a big smile on my face.