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TMZ - There’s evidence Tallahassee cops tried to sweep the sexual assault investigation targeting Florida State University QB Jameis Winston under the rug to protect the team and its star player … and ONLY took aggressive steps after TMZ Sports started asking questions. Sources in the State Attorney’s Office tell us they never even knew about the investigation until Tuesday … JUST ONE DAY AFTER TMZ Sports began making calls to cops about the alleged assault.

Our sources in the State Attorney’s Office say … it was highly unusual cops wouldn’t have filled them in about the case until this week. The sources say cops would have typically notified them when the investigation was completed, and Winston’s lawyer reportedly says cops told him it was completed in February.

Now get this … TMZ Sports started calling police about the case on Monday. We were told someone would get back to us later that day, but there was radio silence for 2 days … we made repeated calls Tuesday and Wednesday and no one got back to us until late Wednesday afternoon. Sources in the State Attorney’s Office tell TMZ … the timing — getting notified about the case months after it supposedly was closed and just a day after TMZ started calling — is suspicious.

The State Attorney has now re-activated the case and sent it back to cops for further investigation.

And there’s a twist — Guess what would happen if Winston was even CHARGED with felony sexual assault — under FSU’s rules … he would be AUTOMATICALLY BENCHED … killing the team’s national championship hopes and his Heisman Trophy chances.



Why does….TMZ….write all their stories….with all of these periods….and CAPITALIZING different WORDS….randomly at DIFFERENT places….?  So fucking annoying.  Anyway this is just TMZ doing the damn TMZ thing as per usual.  Trying to stir shit up and overly dramatize and get as many clicks as possible on a story with a less than 50% chance probability of being correct.   Yes I read the report and saw that the accused dude was like some 5’10 240 fat shit.  From everything I’ve heard there’s very little truth to the accusations, and the fact a 2 year old incident just magically came to light in the middle of a title and Heisman race seems pretty strange.  But so long as this is the top story on the ESPN headlines it’s not going away any time soon.



Oh and hey all butthurt FSU fans chirping me yesterday on the blog and on Twitter.  I’m not reporting shit.  I’m not at TMZ and I’m sure as shit not in the Tallahassee police department.  I’ve been practically blowing Jameis all year on the blog and specifically said I hope this blows over.  But if you think one of the top 2 biggest players in college football being the #1 headline news story isn’t going to get blogged you’re delusional.