CBC - Texas cheerleader Miranda Ferguson, 16, flipped her way into the Guinness Book of World records. The high school junior broke the handspring record after doing 35 consecutive backflips during a halftime performance at her school’s football game on Monday. The hometown crowd counted and cheered with each backflip. The previous record was 32. “’My head isn’t too bad, but my back is kind of sore. I’m sure I’m going to feel it tomorrow,” she said soon after the completing the feat.

50,000 times more impressive stunt than that Red Bull jerkoff skydiving from Pluto or whatever he’s doing.  I mean at least this bitch can actually execute.  Not just putzing around making every excuse in the book.  And if  you ask me 35 backflips in a row is a hell of a lot harder than tucking your head down and just straight falling out of a space pod.   Wow real hard.  Just fall really fast then land on some pillows.   Love to see that clownshoe do 35 flips without puking.  Don’t think so pal.  Miranda Ferguson just upstaged your whole shit.