YahooThe researchers conducted a series of five studies. In one, they asked 541 Facebook users how much time they spent on the site and how many close friends they had in their Facebook networks. They also asked about their offline lives, including questions about their debt and credit-card usage, their weight and eating habits and how much time they spent socializing in person each week. People who spent more time online and who had a high percentage of close ties in their network were more likely to engage in binge eating and to have a greater body mass index, as well as to have more credit-card debt and a lower credit score, the research found. Another study found that people who browsed Facebook for five minutes and had strong network ties were more likely to choose a chocolate-chip cookie than a granola bar as a snack. In a third study, the professors gave participants a set of anagrams that were impossible to solve, as well as timed IQ tests, then measured how long it took them to give up trying to solve the problems. They found people who spent more time on Facebook were more likely to give up on difficult tasks more quickly. A Facebook spokesman declined to comment.

Hmm not really sure I get this one.  I mean I’m all on board for these Facebook studies usually.  Facebook makes you more self-conscious?  Yeah duh you got 1K-4K people looking through all your pictures to see how fat you got in college.  Facebook makes your narcissitic?  Obviously, I just refreshed my Timeline 150 times in the past hour, checking up on how many likes I got on my new wedding profile pic (38, not bad).  But Facebook makes you fat and lazy?  Umm don’t think so scientists.  If anything Facebook is literally the only thing that makes me want to hit the gym.  I mean the credit card debt thing makes sense.   I get that you sit behind your computer and feed your Farmvilles and build your Mob Wars and shit.  Not exactly cheap to become the world’s best murdering agriculturist.  That’ll hit you in your virtual wallet.  But when I’m spending 2 hours a day flipping through smokes in bikinis at the beach eventually I’m just like “hey maybe it’s not that important to write on my buddy from elementary school’s wall.  Maybe I should get on the floor and do a few pushups.”