DENVER, CO (CBS4)The popularity of medical marijuana in Colorado has had an unintended side effect – dogs getting stoned, sometimes with deadly results. Some people firmly believe that if medical marijuana helps people, it also helps their pets, but that’s not always the case. Marijuana can be harmful and sometimes toxic for dogs. New research shows that with medical marijuana, the number of dogs getting sick from pot is spiking. “They basically have lost a lot of their fine motor control, they have a wide-based stance and they are not sure on their feet,” veterinarian Dr. Debbie Van Pelt said. Vets say they used to see dogs high on marijuana just a few times a year. Now pet owners bring in doped-up dogs as many as five times a week. “There are huge spikes in the frequency of marijuana ingestion in places where it’s become legal,” Van Pelt said.

At first I was going to tell these dogs to stop complaining.  Like you’re getting free weed bro.  People pay good money for that shit.  Boo hoo boo hoo you’re too high.  Man up.   I mean you live in Colorado, what else do you expect?  Move to like Idaho or somewhere if you’re gonna be a bitch about it.      But when you think about it a dog’s life is basically the same as being permanently high right?  Like you do literally 3 things:  sleep, eat, and lounge.  That’s it.  Maybe you’ll go for a little walk.  Maybe you’ll play a little bit tossing a tennis ball around.  But overall you’re entire day is spent hanging out in between naps and crushing huge bowlfuls of food.  Watching whatever is on the TV or staring out the window or trying to snatch up Doritos and chocolate that falls off the table.   So I guess the weed just becomes kind of overkill at that point.  Like I honestly cannot chill any harder and that’s without the weed, let’s not dope me up too hard.