Cricket CountrySri Lankan cricket authorities have complained to organisers about cheerleaders at the World Twenty20 tournament after media criticism describing them as a “disgraceful eyesore”. Nishantha Ranatunga, secretary of Sri Lanka Cricket, told AFP that fans had also provided “negative feedback” after lacklustre displays by the local performers, who lead celebrations when wickets are taken and boundaries scored. “The impression created by these cheerleaders is not acceptable,” Ranatunga said Thursday. “We complained to the ICC (International Cricket Council) that this is harming the image of Sri Lanka. “We had a lot of negative feedback which we passed on to the ICC as we had nothing to do with selecting the dance troupes.” The dancers, who are dressed in blue leggings, striped skirts and T-shirts bearing advertising slogans, have been attacked in the Sri Lankan media for their amateur dancing and un-coordinated routines. “The sorry performance of the so-called cheerleaders is not only a disgraceful eyesore, but has show-cased Sri Lanka in a poor light to the entire world,” the Daily Mirror said. The manager of the cheerleaders, Sudev Abeysekara, was quoted in India’s Hindustan Times on Saturday as saying that more attractive dancers were not available due to low wages. “In an event like this you need good looking girls, and to get the beautiful girls who are professional dancers, you have to pay more,” he said. “The payment is not that great.”

Listen if this was football I’d be totally on board. I hate football cheerleaders. They’re rarely hot and just jump around waving pompoms in your face and distracting you from the game. Just like every chick in a bar during football. Shut the fuck up honey.  I don’t want to B-E aggressive. I know when to cheer, don’t worry I’ll handle it. But here’s the thing, it’s not football. It’s cricket. Pretty much the most boring sport in the world. I mean I don’t know the rules, I just know it’s boring.  And foreign.  And don’t the games go on for like a week? If you don’t throw some slutty “eyesores” on the field then prison rules will take over by day 4 and all the dudes will be blowing and fucking each other in the stands because they haven’t smelled a woman in so long. And that’s no way to watch a game either.