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NJTimothy Smith, director of the Rutgers University Marching Scarlet Knights, remembered walking into an August rehearsal during band camp with a once-in-a-millennium request for the drumline to perform at a nationally-televised event. The reaction from students was exactly as expected.

“I asked a group of 18- to 21-year-old mostly male students if they’d be interested in performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show,” Smith told “They didn’t wait a nanosecond to say, ‘Of course!’”

Fourteen of Rutgers’ finest drummers and a field major kicked off the British Invasion-themed show dressed like soldiers — coincidentally, in red and black — but also got the opportunity to hang out with supermodels, the band Fall Out Boy and Taylor Swift. If there’s a heaven for most college males, this would be it.

They also discovered a previously unknown perk: It turned out that their dressing room was actually the walkway for the models to get to the stage door.

“The girls stopped and wanted to have their pictures taken with our guys,” Smith said. “They were so nice and enthusiastic. The same for Taylor Swift. She (said), ‘Hey, how are you doing? Good luck.’ I had hoped it was going to be a good experience, but my goodness, this totally exceeded my expectations.”



FUCKING MARCHING BANDS.  These motherfuckers just continue to taunt me and taunt me and taunt me.  Relentless.  If they’re not doing some awesome routine going viral and getting more pageviews than I could ever even dream of and leading off ESPN and PTI, they’re chilling with half naked supermodels in see through lingerie.  My arch nemeses.   Hey blogger bro sitting at your computer making fun of us all the time.  Check this shit out.  Just a Victoria’s Secret model.  Literally touching her smelling her hair.  Nbd.  How’s your apartment?


Bunch of percussion banging nerds just moonwalking all over my face figuratively and literally.






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