Why don’t you suck Rutgers dick a little harder? You guys act like there the only school in the world that likes to drink and party. I go to school at Rider which is like ten minutes from Trenton FOAM and we haven’t heard shit from you. Show us some love and get off Rutgers dick.

Go fuck yourself,


So this email hit the Barstool inbox earlier.  Apparently the Rider community upset they’re not getting enough love on the Stool.  Bitching at me and KFC for never mentioning them.  How they’re right next to Trenton Foam and can’t get any shout outs.  How they go just as hard if not harder than Rutgers.   And I want to believe them.  I really do.  But where are all the smokes?  The Facebook pages?  The tweets?  You got Rutgers basically going through withdrawals since the last Blackout waiting on pins and needles for Trenton and not a peep from Rider.  We got a collection like 50 deep of Rutgers smokes and 0 from Rider.  You want to hang with the big boys?  Step your shit up and prove it.  I expect 10 smoke nomination and a monster fucking event page from “Billy” within the hour.

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