I’ll tell you what, this fucking kid better have 194 tackles and 25 sacks this year as he leads SC* to a National Championship from all I heard about him this off season.   Getting your own ESPN commercial is pretty much the icing on the cake that you need to set every defensive record in the books or it’s a bust.



Other tidbits from this week in Jadeveon Clowney…

- Colorado tried to recruit him by offering him $1 million in “Ralphie Bucks,” fake money named after their mascot.*

-He told a high school coach he can count cards in Blackjack 

-His mom says she nicknamed him Doo Doo because of the Uncle Luke song,  not because he used to shit in pools.


*no word on the exchange rate between Ralphie Bucks and Internet Dollars





* I took the U out so now everybody can stop crying about the most insignificant thing in blog history.