GoGamecocksSouth Carolina will have a different look Saturday against LSU, and not only because the Gamecocks will be playing as a top five team for only the second time in their history. No. 3 South Carolina will debut a new uniform from Under Armour, dubbed a “Battle” uniform by the apparel company that provides all of the school’s athletic gear. Coach Steve Spurrier first revealed to The State in May that the new uniforms would be worn this season, but he said at the time he hoped the team wouldn’t wear them in a conference game. “It looks pretty good,” Spurrier said at the time. “We showed it to the players, and they liked it. Of course, they like anything a little different and fancy. I more believe in the traditional uniforms we’ve been doing. I’m not real big on those fancy uniforms. If it’s a big game, I would rather wear our normal stuff.”

I’m not a huge fan of this fancy shmancy new age uniform technology shit with the colors and contrasts all over the place and Under Armour’s “fuck you in the face” style.  Gimme the old plain traditional unis any day of the week.  But if the Old Ballcoach likes em and says they look hot who am I to argue?   Dude is one of the best to ever do it and is officially the first person on the planet to make the visor look cool.  So I went 5.  LSU is so fucked.

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