LLDespite being 6-0 and ranked No. 8 in the country, Ohio State fans are frustrated with their struggling defensive unit this season. Vocalizing that chagrin to the wrong person cost one pizza delivery boy his job. A 25-year-old Columbus State student that did not want to be identified says he took an order from the wife of Ohio State defensive coordinator Luke Fickell prior to the Ohio State-Michigan State game on Sept. 29. According to the student, he joked that Ohio State needed to tackle better before hanging up the phone, to which Amy Fickell laughed. The next day, the student found himself without a job. According to the pizza boy, Amy Fickell called up the restaurant and complained, which resulted in his dismissal. Ohio State refutes that claim, saying the manager found out about the incident and called the Fickells himself.  “The manager found out about the incident. The manager called the Fickells. Just like they did not place a call to complain, they also did not ask that anyone be fired. All they did was order pizza.”

CLASSIC Urban Meyer.  Just absolutely classic.  Our defense is 60th in the country and we’re giving up 387 yards a game and we just gave up 38 to Nebraska Saturday?   Fire the pizza delivery boy.   Just pick the scummiest thing to do and do it.      And how big of a cunt is Fickell’s wife?  Calling to complain that the pizza boy made a tackling joke.  Get over yourself honey.  Your husband sucked at his job last year and he sucks at his new job this year.   Take a joke, which is what your defense is.  But that’s not to say I’m on the pizza boy’s side here by any means.  As a matter of fact I officially fucking hate everybody in this story.      Hey pizza boy keep your mouth shut and deliver the fucking pizzas.  Nobody asked for your input pizza boy.   Seriously what is it with pizza delivery boys thinking their opinions matter?   Stick some extra pepperonis on there and hope I tip you dude.