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Previously – Cops in Washington Handing Out Bags of Doritos at Hempfest With Info About Legalization Laws


Love the good guy cops move in Seattle.   Misguided yes, but still a nice gesture.  While Colorado spends 100K and poisons their own fields and blocks off all streets and has like SWAT teams show up in riot gear ready to beat up anyone who even contemplates smoking weed, Seattle is just hooking people up with free munchies asking them to please be safe.   Will it fall on deaf stoned ears?  Of course.  Don’t care how hip you try to get with your Dark Side of the Moon reference, nobody is reading that shit, as well intentioned as it may be.   Reminds me of when you were 18 and your parents would say you could have some friends over to drink in the basement and they’d buy you beer as long as everybody handed in their car keys, then they’d bring down like one sixer of craft beer and say have fun.  Like thanks mom, I know you’re trying to be the cool parents and I appreciate it, but you just supplied my house party with what I drink in a 45 minute pregame.