Stillwater - A Stillwater couple was arrested for possession of methamphetamine last week after a 22-year-old woman was seen frantically searching a vehicle for her boyfriend’s “missing finger.” Ashley Marie Brooker and Nicholas Thomas Doyle, 25, both of Stillwater, were each arrested for felony fifth-degree possession of a controlled substance Nov. 20 after Stillwater Police found methamphetamine and syringes in their vehicle which was, at the time of arrest, parked outside the emergency room of Lakeview Hospital.   Stillwater police responded to the hospital parking lot after an emergency medical technician (EMT) reported seeing an “extremely agitated” woman flailing her arms.  When approached by the EMT, Brooker said she was looking for a finger as she frantically searched the passenger’s side of the vehicle. Meanwhile, a second responding officer located a man inside the hospital fitting the description of Doyle. When questioned by police, Doyle said he cut his finger.

I don’t know about you but I still think drugs are totally cool.  Seriously you can chill with all this propaganda and overblown stories and shock tactics.   What am I in DARE?   Your little needles and syringes don’t scare me.  Your hallucinations so bad you think you cut your finger off when you got a papercut don’t get me either.  Oh your entire face turned into a bleeding scar.  Big whoop.   I’ve seen movies and TV shows bro.  Drugs are fucking awesome.  You don’t do drugs you’re a square plain and simple.   Don’t let the liberal media tell you any different.