EAST LANSING Michigan State, Ohio State and video footage continue to make news together. Two days after MSU defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi told the Free Press that OSU sent incomplete game film last week, with pre-snap motions and shifts cut out intentionally, Ohio State coach Urban Meyer said OSU has sent in a clip for the Big Ten to review. The clip from OSU’s 17-16 win over MSU on Saturday shows a pile of bodies with Ohio State defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins and MSU offensive lineman Jack Allen at the bottom. Hankins appears to have Allen’s facemask in his grip, and then a hand reaches into Hankins’ helmet and appears to poke at his eyes — it’s unclear whether it is Allen’s hand or teammate Travis Jackson’s hand from above.

Such a classic Urban Meyer progression of moves.  Some tricky cheating gamesmanship.  Acting stunned at the accusations.  Turning it around and accusing the other team of cheating and sending in video to the league.   Now nobody is talking about doctored game films and everyone is talking about Michigan State pulling Triple H’s on the field.   Genius.  Hey you don’t get to be one of the best coaches in the country just by chance.    Got to have some tricks up your sleeve.

As for the eye gouging are they actually investigating this?  I thought you were allowed to do whatever you wanted in the bottom of the pile?  Literally anything.  Like it’s the lawless Wild West Deadwood of the football game.  You find yourself in the bottom of the pile you better get in the fetal position quick because the punches, elbows, dick jabs, ball crunching, needle poking is coming in fast.   Refs just try to clear it up as fast as possible while anything goes.   To penalize a little cornea scraping would be a disgrace to the entire integrity of the pile in my opinion.