ATNGenerally even the rules that seem small, petty, or not worth caring about were born out of good intent. People could look at the event that cause the rule to be created and say “Yeah, I can see how that might be an advantage/something you would want to stop.” But this, from an Education Column published by the NCAA, seems to go a step too far:

Question: May a coach take a photo and use software (e.g., Instagram, Photoshop, Camera Awesome, Camera+,) to enhance the content of the photo (e.g., changed color of photo to sepia tones or add content to the photograph), and send it to a prospective student-athlete as an attachment it to an email or direct social media message?

Answer: No, a photograph that has been altered or staged for a recruiting purpose cannot be sent to a prospective student-athlete.

Uh yeah duh obviously the NCAA banned Instagram for recruiting.  No brainer.  I mean have you ever seen a picture of yourself in Instagram?  Have you ever seen a picture of ANYTHING in Instagram?  It’s like 50 billion times better looking, 100% of the time.  That’s the whole point of it.   Now take into account we’re dealing with impressionable young men getting pulled in 1000 different directions to make the biggest decision of their life and you got recruiters firing off “Grammed pictures of campus and cheerleaders to them?  That’s how the #1 D back on Rivals ends up starting at Texas-San Antonio.   Motherfuckers getting tricked all over the place.

I’m not joking when I say Instagram is about as powerful a form of social media there is.  Can tell a lot about a person by their Instagrams.  Are they artsy fartsy and all about the finesse game, or do they run it right up the gut with #NoFilter and dare you to stop it.  You can tell what their diet is like, which position they sit in at the pool, and which drink is their favorite to have at sunset.  It’s remarkable it took them this long to ban it actually.  Coaches have been finding out all they need to know about a kid’s character by Gramming for the last year.   Just look at Calipari, bro is a monster on the app.