News - GOING to Las Vegas in the near future? Well, if you are looking to stay healthy, sleep better and rejuvenate your body and mind amidst the late nights, smoke- filled casinos, and generalized “partying”, then you may want to check into the MGM Grand. The “StayWell” rooms will be ready later this month, chock full of amenities to promote a healthy and balanced way of living. The rooms will be cleaned with hypoallergenic products, have special ventilation systems designed to more optimally humidify and purify the air, and will include extra soundproofing to help you sleep better. Needless to say, running water in the room will be filtered. A special vitamin C infused shower is also touted to reduce chlorine content in the shower water- however, no conclusion can be drawn how this ultimately affects your skin after a few days of use. There are also special antimicrobial coatings on the doorknobs and furniture to help keep you healthy. Lighting in the hotel room has also been a priority with lighting geared more toward the red spectrum as opposed to the blue spectrum throughout each room. It is well-known that blue light (as well as electronic devices which emit blue light) can suppress melatonin production, which is vital for promoting sleep and relaxation. Lighting which contains red light can actually increase melatonin production (helping you to sleep better) and counteract jet lag or insomnia, not uncommon when you travel. The bathroom light apparently has higher amounts of blue light in the spectrum to help you wake up as you start your day with more red light in the sleeping area. There are even apps designed by the Cleveland Clinic that are available that promote healthy eating and cooking- and are available to guests for two months after their stay in the hotel.

I love how the MGM Grand is talking about these rooms like they are specifically designed for people to get some good solid rest.  That they’re just promoting healthier lifestyles and trying to make it an attraction for people who want to recharge from jet lag and the every day grind.  Umm bro you’re making hangover rooms.  I know it, you know it, everybody knows it.  You’re appealing to your customer base who comes to drink, gamble, fuck, drink, party, fuck, gamble until 7 AM.  And it’s 100% awesome.   I mean can you imagine waking up from a 16 hour bender and chugging a glass of filtered water, hopping in a Vitamin C shower, then air drying yourself in purified dehumidified air underneath red spectrum lights completely soundproofed?   Would beat the absolute fuck out of any hangover.  Only thing it’s missing is a treasure chest full of max strength Advil.  Other than that, nailed it.  Do your thing MGM Grand.