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“Hey Monty, feel better bro, you’re a hero and an inspiration to us all” – everyone on the planet who is not a Duke alum


Also Monty I put together this quick summary of everything you missed/forgot while your brain stopped working.



1) You guys won.


2) The little white kid on your team set the internet and world on fire with the hottest white boy dance moves of all time.




3) He also Hadoukened the shit out of Coach K.





4) Coach K stopped by your locker room to tell you guys congratulations, I thought it was pretty cool, everyone else on the internet thought it was him being a snot nosed elitist prick so you make your own judgement on that one.


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5) You embarrassed Duke so bad that one of their best players of all time took them to hammertime on Twitter.



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6) Now you’re playing Tennessee, but don’t worry about that at all, you can sit it out with no regrets, you’ve already done God’s work.