UCFVideosIn a perfomance that Fred Sanford thinks is over the top, Marshall Head Coach Tom Herrion acts like he’s having a heart attack after being brushed by UCF’s Isaiah Sykes.  Referees spent about 15 minutes reviewing the incident before calling the flagrant on Sykes.

If you’re a Marshall player do you ever respect your coach again after this?   Like you stand in the team huddle with a group of young men looking up to you for advice and you preach working hard and earning everything you get and laying all your blood sweat and tears on the court.  Then you get brushed by an elbow and flop around like you’re having a massive seizure to draw a flagrant foul call and get two free points.  I mean Vlade Divac was blushing watching that flop job.   Don’t get me wrong personally I love the passion.  Just wondering if the players running suicides in practice getting screamed at for not working hard enough are a little turned off by blatant cheating.

PS- Good to see Marshall films their home games in HD.