The Star - Please don’t smoke the daisies. It turns out that more than 1,600 suspected marijuana plants that a special police squad ripped out of a yard in Lethbridge, Alta. this summer are a species of daisy. The bust, which was announced with fanfare in July, has homeowner Ryan Thomas Rockman scratching his head over the confusion. “It made me look like a villain and it made them look silly,” Rockman told the Lethbridge Herald, insisting all 1,624 plants seized were Montauk daisies — a fall-blooming perennial he’s been growing for a decade. “It baffles me, to be honest. At the same time, I don’t want to try to point the finger of blame at them either because they’re still just trying to do their mandate and make it home every day,” said Rockman, 41. Insp.

Dan Konowalchuk, head of the combined forces special regional enforcement units, defended the officers’ actions. “I don’t think there is anything at this point for the guys to apologize for. They acted on what they believed to be the best information they had at the time,” Konowalchuk told the Star Thursday. “First of all, we don’t know for sure they’re daisies,” he said, even though an effort was made to identify the plant species through experts. The test results, which came back this week, clearly prove the seized plants weren’t marijuana. “The guys believed they were dealing with a sub-strain of marijuana,” Konowalchuk said. “There are some similarities to the (marijuana) plant when you look directly at the plant. But are they identical? No, they’re not. (Even so) the guys thought they we dealing with a large grow operation and they responded accordingly.”

Real impressed with the head cop in charge here.  Big time impressed. Sir how do respond to the fact your cops spent months on a sting operation to take down a daisy garden?  I stand by them 100%, I mean we’re not completely sure they are daisies, just because the expert scientists said so, we had someone tell us it was pot so we had no choice but to do a massive take down, because that’s information we got. Just sticking by his story despite all fact and evidence to the contrary.  That’s how the cops should be.  Shoot first and ask questions later.  I mean he heard from someone there was pot.  It turned out to be daisies and sunflowers and butterflies.  Already got SWAT lines up though so what are you gonna just tell them to go home?   Dude should just be thrilled he’s not black or he’d catch 55 bullets to the chest for “resisting arrest of daisy growing operation.”