YahooThis bon mot from the Twitter account of Jason Petrie, a “senior footwear designer at Nike,” according to LinkedIn, and the designer of the popular Nike basketball sneakers worn and endorsed by Miami Heat star LeBron James: “Pooh,” of course, is the nickname Rose was given by his grandmother when he was a kid. Rose, of course, wears and endorses adidas shoes; the Bulls point guard recently signed a 13-year endorsement deal with the shoemaker that, with incentives, could pay him more than $200 million. The intimation, of course, is that Rose wouldn’t have torn a ligament in his left knee if the shoes on his feet when he landed that jump stop were emblazoned with a swoosh. Of course.

Sometimes there’s a scumbag move that’s just so scumbag you kind of have to respect it.   This isn’t one of those times because this guy is obviously a piece of shit, but it’s close.  I mean making fun of the MVP and one of the nicest and most humble guys in the entire league for picking a different shoe company after he shredded every major ligament in his knee is about as scummy as it gets.  No surprise though.   Everything and everyone Lebron touches turns into asshole shit.