Oh cool, it’s Monday morning again.  Think this Michigan chick’s face sums that up.



Like a cross between Dana from Homeland and Eli Manning.


Whatever, might as well cheer up and fucking party a little bit because Barstool U’s best feature the monday morning College Football roundup is here.  Clemson bro can help get you pumped-


Guy emailed me last night to say that he was dead sober and that he poured Coke all over his face for this. Also he was a big fan of the site, obviously.


“Hey what’s the most controversial topic in sports right now?  Redskins?  K, let’s dress Lee Corso up in full Indian gear and make him do a tribal dance and scalp everybody” – fired ESPN producer



Bill Murray wasn’t happy about it.






I forget what game it was but during halftime they had a big panel discussion about this.  Yes, ESPN, talking about if what ESPN did was tasteless, on an ESPN show.  Drumming up stories on their own like a motherfucker.



Florida State wins by a million…OooOooOOO Kill em!



Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 8.35.58 PM


Terio will never, ever get old.  Until he literally gets old and has serious health problems at age like 17.


JFF too hurt to throw, didn’t stop him from putting up another massive game.



Imagine if this guy had a defense to back him up?



Vandy Kicker just warming up for a big kick, also wiping out on national TV like an idiot.





Miami linebacker breaks Akron fullback in half.

zw5YG4vEHe0-1 zw5YG4vEHe0


“I will break you” – Bane, or “I must break you” — Drago if you prefer, I like Bane though for this situation.



Catch of the year ever.





R.I.P Another Running Back, signed Jadeveon Clowney.




Hi haters!




Oops we lost though.


Clemson Ice Cream Guy, still haunting my dreams 2 days later.



Quick, need more Clemson bro to even it out!




Do you think the Ole Miss lineman are still looking for Hugh Freeze?


Sneaky funniest GIF of the weekend.








3 targeting ejections from Saturday:


2013-10-1909_29_14 2013-10-1910_14_29 TargetingMacrus



Cool rule!



Vintage Gus, send us out bro.