Love it.  Johnny Manziel just trolling the fuck out of the internet machine.  Hmm how can I make these blogs that are obsessed with me cum themselves?  Pick the 3 biggest most trending party names of the past few years and say I want to get fucked up and slay bitches with them.   Hey I’m taking the bait hook line and sinker.  Watch out Portnoy, it’s Johnny Pageviews in the building.



PS – I’d give my left nut to party with that crew (minus Tiger obviously.  Kind of a weird choice.  Love watching the guy golf.  Couldn’t pay me to spend 30 minutes at a party with him in my crew though.  Square with a capital S plus he’d steal all the porn star pussy).   Don’t even know if I could handle it though.  Like I’d be the guy passed out on the couch with his shoes on by like 11 PM with Johnny drawing dicks on my cheeks with Sharpies and Sheen doing blow off my unconscious forehead.



PPS – Lebron James, Alex Rodriquez and Drake:  the official worst answer ever.


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