How hilarious is it that the biggest figure in sports right now is a 23 year old scrawny undrafted Asian kid from Harvard?   Didn’t see that one coming.  And what’s even funnier is that most Knicks fan love him because he’s such a novelty.  Goofy looking dude that gives them an excuse to make some not-so-subtle racist jokes in the stands and shit.   Tweet out their best one liners with #LINSANITY at the end.  Make funny memes on the internet.  Not really sure they’re noticing he’s like the exact player that they need to legitimately win games- an unselfish distributing point guard who spreads the ball around and gets everyone in the flow of the game and actually runs this thing called “an offense.”  Ahh fuck it we got Melo and Baron Davis coming back soon!  Let’s squeeze in all the Chinese jokes we got about driving and shit and get pumped for the hold-the-ball-for-16-seconds-then-jack-up-a-fadeaway Iso play.