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Jen Selter and Dan Bilzerian merged their Instagram powers together in a photo that sort of implies they may be banging. But the big question coming out of yesterday’s blog: Who’s the blonde chick above clandestinely stealing some of that sweet social media spotlight?


Meet Chelsey Novak. With just 80K followers, she’s much less Insta-famous than the other two subjects in that photo but her Instagram game is absolutely relentless. It’s like seeing a young lion roaming the Serengeti while the rest of the pride lies around waiting for food to come to them, she just wants it more than a lot of the other chicks out there. Based on these pics, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some gynecological candids pop up if it means grabbing another 10,000 followers in the process. Can’t knock the hustle.


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Feel free to follow her on Instagram along with me so we can all scrap to her pics as a team. It’s like being eskimo brothers but way more lonely, pathetic, and dependent on effective wi-fi.