The Post Game - Don’t let his size fool you: Jamani Love has got game. The 4-foot-5 Love showcased his moves at the Venice Basketball League this summer, and he tore it up. He’s got a killer crossover, solid handles and good court vision.

Wait was this supposed to impress me?  Was I supposed to go gaga over this little midget hoops player?   Everyone sending me this video saying check out this dwarf hoops superstar.  Watch him shake everybody out of their shoes.  Watch him dominate the courts in Venice.  Uhh everybody knows the defense is barely trying right?  I mean they’re playing against a dwarf.  If you try 100% against a dwarf you’re the biggest asshole on the planet.  Who wants to be the guy to swat a midget’s shot off the backboards?  Would that make you feel like a big man, watching a little midget that you just rejected go chase down his jumper into the surf of the Pacific?  Nobody wants to be that guy.  It’s human nature to let up which is exactly what happened here.  So yeah it’s a nice story but let’s not act like every one of us, including an asshole like myself, wouldn’t take it a little easy out there while he put on his showcase.  Unless of course you posterize me on some viral video and have every blog sucking your dick at my expense, in which case next time we go head to head I’m putting your little person ass on the block and beating you down 21-0.