Quick.  Cancel the Clowney Hate Train.  Resume the Clowney Dick Ride Fest STAT!  Intern Sobol, get me the GIF!






Seriously love all the backtracking from everybody on the internet college football front over this clip.  Omg Clowney is sick at football?  He’s an absolute beast and monster talent?  Since when!  No shit he can blow up running plays at will.  Nobody with a brain has ever doubted that he’s an incredible athlete because his sack and tackle numbers are down.  That tends to happen when they quadruple team you and scheme an entire offense to avoid you.   He’s a fucking freak.  He’s also entitled and has a gigantic ego and doesn’t give a fuck about college football anymore.  He’s got millions waiting for him and the NCAA and NFL won’t let him have it yet so he’s mailing it in most of the time.  He’s not going all out in games and he’s coming up with injuries that trainers and Spurrier don’t know about.   Those are just facts.  Frankly you can be pissed at him and give him shit for not laying it all out on the line for his team which is exactly what I’ve been doing lately, because it’s 100% deserved.  But if you thought he didn’t have the talent anymore or that any of this drama will effect his NFL career you’re delusional.