censored aussie vagina

NSFW version here if you hate your eyeballs and would love to never have an erection again

SMH.com-Thousands of copies of the University of Sydney student newspaper are set to have their covers destroyed after a front page comprising of 18 students’ female genitalia was accidentally released due to dodgy printing. The editors of Honi Soit had originally intended for the cover to be uncensored, but the Student Representative Council, which publishes the newspaper, requested parts of the vaginas were covered by black bars. While Honi Soit’s student editors eventually agreed, the censored covers on Wednesday led to a dramatic recall after it was discovered the black bars were transparent and did little to cover the vaginas. Last week, editors from Australia’s oldest university newspaper invited women from the University of Sydney to have their vaginas photographed for the newspaper cover. “We spoke to women we knew and the Women’s Collective and got a really warm response,” editor Hannah Ryan said. The women were all photographed by a fellow University of Sydney student in the campus’ Women’s Room. The Honi Soit editors said the purpose of the cover was to make a stance about body ownership. “We are tired of society giving us a myriad of things to feel about our own bodies. We are tired of having to attach anxiety to our vaginas,” they said in a statement. “This cover is intended to reassure other women”.


Just when I thought we were reaching the limit of just how desperate chicks like this would get for attention they go and do something like this.

I know student newspapers have always been ground zero for hairy vaginas rallying around causes only they care about, but holy shit this is a whole new level of insufferable. I get that it’s in vogue to deal with being gross by talking about “positive body image” as much as possible in the hopes you’ll burn enough fat off your chin to be able to close your mouth when you breath. As much as I hate it I can at least understand it.  But for the life of me I cannot figure out how unleashing your untamed snatch on the unsuspecting public is beneficial for anyone.

Oh you’re self conscious about how your genitals look? Society had made you feel anxious about showing it off to the world? Good. Join the fucking club. Genitals are ugly. I’m not proud of my dick. Most of the time it’s a shriveled, hairy mess and no one in the world deserves to have to see it. So I keep it that way. It’s not because I’m oppressed, it’s because I’m consideration of common decency. The only positive thing about this being released is that it confirms most of those girls should be self conscious and in a few cases should probably seek medical help. Society has a thing against cancerous tumors too but you don’t see people embracing those on Tumblr.