Prep Rally - The unnamed player, who competes for a team in the Oregon City youth football league, unleashed a torrent of extremely dirty play, channeling Ndamukong Suh and Richard Seymour in the same game, not to mention tossing in plenty of post-whistle pushes and disgusting moves. In this case, the player in question’s actions were celebrated by his coach more than once on the sideline. Though no comments have been forthcoming from the player or coach, both were suspended for a single game after the video evidence against them was submitted to the Oregon City league. That’s a decent start, though it seems a bit lenient for a coach who celebrated an athlete punching an opponent in the helmet after player was over to miss only a single game. Regardless of the penalty, the player’s actions are positively inexcusable. One can only hope that the videotaped violence he took part in will be his last foray into such unsportsmanlike play.

Settle down Yahoo writer.  Seriously is your son in this game getting face stomped or something?  Relax.  What I watched wasn’t even that bad.  Kid just adding in a few little extra shoves and late hits and a couple of kicks.  Newsflash it’s called sending a message.  Think the other team is going to run to his side anymore after they get their noses bloodied?  Think they’ll get in the way of the power sweep if they keep getting their guts kicked in?  Nothing wrong with a little physicality.  Every team needs a bully.   It’s worked for Ray Lewis for like 20 years.  Bro literally murdered a guy.  With a knife.  This Oregon kid is just throwing a few jabs.  Get over it.     Sportsmanship is so ’90s.