CLIVE — Kirk Ferentz first got the idea in late January. The topic was the inaugural assistant coach of the year award.  You know where this is headed.  Iowa became immersed in the aftermath of the rhabdomyolysis outbreak that sent 13 players to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics after a strenuous workout in late January.  The outbreak, which a UI investigation later concluded had no root cause, happened under the watch of strength and conditioning coach Chris Doyle, who bore the brunt of the waves of national criticism.  Tuesday night, Ferentz said a lot of the lessons players learn start with the strength and conditioning program and then announced to the Polk County I-Club that Doyle was Iowa’s most valuable coach of the year.  Doyle, who declined an interview request, accepted to a standing ovation and loud cheers. He also spoke publiclly for the first time since the rhabdo outbreak.  “We know we have an obligation to the people of the state of Iowa to come to work everyday and build a program that represents this state and the people in it the way they’d want it run. And we’re going to continue to do that.”

Bravo!  Bravo Iowa!  Slow clap for the Hawkeyes!  Seriously this has got to be the most refreshing article I’ve read all month.  I mean I missed this whole controversy when it went down in the first place but judging from the comments on it I can only imagine what was going on.  Parents and administrators bitching and whining about how dangerous football workouts are.  The media analyzing whether football players should be allowed to workout anymore.   If they should just watch game tape and read books about football in the library then go out on the field and play 2 hand touch.  Or better yet if they should suit up in extra pads then have the ref roll a soccer ball out there and kick that around for an hour then shake ends and eat cake afterward.  I’m honestly shocked that this guy isn’t in jail for 20 years judging by how 2011 America is shaping up.

Like it’s fucking football.  You got to be a diesel motherfucker to step out there on the field with world class athletes trying to take your head off.  Guess what happens if you don’t work out and don’t put on weight then step out on the field?  You die.  Instantly.  So yeah I would give this guy the coach of the year award from now until the rest of eternity.  Oh your muscle fibers are breaking down and releasing myoglobin into your pussy bloodstream?  Oh you got exertional rhabdomyolosis in  your vagina?  Well get the fuck off the incline bench and let the real athletes get their reps up.