IndianaWith the state of the economy during the past few years, many families have struggled to afford tuition for their college-age students. But some college women have found an alternative solution. More college women are becoming sugar babies, exchanging anything from time to romantic intimacy with wealthy men who typically reward them with a monthly allowance that can be thousands of dollars per month. Typically, upon getting an official sugar baby, the man and his sugar baby sign a contract that dictates matters such as this monthly allowance. With 62 sugar babies on campus, IU is No. 17 in the nation for number of collegiate sugar babies. New York University is No. 1 with 185 babies.

An IU-Bloomington student named “Ginger,” who prefers not to give her real name, is a sugar baby on Seeking Arrangement. She’s not looking specifically for a romantic relationship. Ginger said she’s looking for a way to support the lifestyle she was used to before college. Ginger said her close friends all know she’s on the site, but she hasn’t told her family. “They would probably be disgusted,” she said. “I think their initial thought is that I’d be sleeping around with different people that I’ve encountered, or question my judgment in life in general. But that’s not the case, and I mean, they would not be pleased. They would not condone it.” Ginger has not yet found a specific sugar daddy to support her, but said it would be nice as long as it doesn’t go beyond her comfort level. Ginger is a sugar baby who said she would not agree to have sex with a man on the site to have him sponsor her. She has explicitly said in her profile it’s not going to be about sex. Gwynn and Wade both said the negative connotations of the terms “sugar baby” or “sugar daddy” are something they’re trying to change.

So I blogged about this site last year when it blew up.  Seeking the site for sugar daddies to hook up with chicks and buy them shit.  Pretty solid idea.  Works off the basic principle that dudes want to fuck and chicks want to be gold digging sluts.   Well lo and behold the “sugar baby epidemic” is now sweeping college campuses sending administrations into a tizzy.   NYU scoffing at their #1 ranking.  Indiana U freaking out that they’ve got 62 babies on campus.   Typical idiot colleges probably going to start cracking down after this article and just shut the internet off on campus if they have to.  Bro it’s not a sugar baby epidemic.  It’s real life being real life.   Sluts gonna slut.  Bros gonna buy pussy.  Always gonna be like that and there’s nothing you can do.

My question is what the fuck is up with Ginger?  Won’t agree to sex or anything beyond her comfort level?  Umm sweetheart I wonder why you don’t have a sugar daddy yet?   I can just picture the thousands of suitors logging on every night scrolling through the site saying “man I wish I could find a young college girl that I can financially support and buy extravagant dinners and pay off her student loans and car payments but never make any physical contact with her.  That’s what I could really go for right now.”     Get a grip toots.  Sugar daddy’s not looking to make charitable donations to a broke college chick.  Sugar daddy’s trying to get his sugar dick sucked.  Wake up.