So this broad agreed to do the weather naked if France made the world cup. Well they made it. And just like Ray Lewis owes half of Ahmad Brooks’ fine for his hit on Drew Brees, this chick needs to strip down to her croissants and describe the weather based on the pokiness of her nipples. That’s called not welching on a bet. Instead she pulled this shit:



What is that? Is that funny? Is that supposed to be French chick humor? Because my boner is not amused. I thought Europeans were supposed to be all sexually liberated? I basically assumed all the weather was done naked over there. Just like how Japanese chicks get bukkaked during the news. It just gets kinkier and kinkier as you go east. Real bummer. If I wanted to see a weather chick welch on a bet, I could just pick from the bevy of hot American weather girls instead.


Jill Nicolini



Mary Gamarra

Mary Gamarra USA


Jackie Johnson


Maria Molina


Jackie Guerrido


Evelyn Taft



See? Between telemundo, that sexpot Maria Molina on Fox News and Evelyn Taft, we’ve got plenty of weather broads who won’t get naked. The world doesn’t need another one. For shame frenchie.


P.S. Honorable mention to Jackie Denardo. The hot reporter from Always Sunny who covered “The Storm of the Century”. Who did get naked. But before she got her major league yabbos.