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ALLENDALE, Mich. (WZZM)A landmark on Grand Valley State University’s main campus has been removed, but is Miley Cyrus to blame?  Tuesday morning, a crew removed the giant pendulum sculpture from outside Padnos Hall of Science.

The steel ball, which hangs from a cable, resembles a wrecking ball. For years students had swung on it, but recently several students climbed on the ball naked, mimicking Miley Cyrus’ video for “Wrecking Ball.”  At least one student posted a Vine video of his nude ode to Cyrus.

Tim Thimmesch, the associate vice president of facilities services at GVSU said the sculpture was removed so structural integrity could be reviewed.

A student protest of the sculpture’s removal was planned for 8 p.m. Tuesday near Padnos Hall.


Fucking Miley.  We get it bro.  You’re not a little innocent girl anymore.  You’re not some wholesome role model.  You’re a god damn full blown whore and you don’t care who knows it.  Enough already.   You’re corrupting the minds of America’s Youth.  You’re throwing news anchors into tizzies.  And now you’ve forced some poor administrators to tear their campus’s sculpture down because everyone is imitating your slut dance moves.  When does it stop Miley?  When does it stop?