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The internet giveth, the internet taketh away.  One second you’re making an epic convocation speech and ending up on Barstool then quickly going viral with almost 2 million views and interviews lined up with mainstream media.  The next second Reddit and the internet detective patrol are unearthing your source material from 2008 and tearing you down accusing you of plagiarism and fraud.  That’s just how it works bro.  Nothing is sacred on the computer screen.

Listen as far as I’m concerned this kid accomplished what he set out to do. He inspired not just a room full of freshmen, not just an entire University, but an entire country hooked up to internet connections.  Like the Nerd Knute Rockne getting everyone fired up ready to ram their head through a brick wall in the name of college and education.  So what if he had some Youtube inspiration?  It wasn’t even the exact same speech.   And I have a feeling if you could actually be there feeling the electricity as thousands of little Asians were on their feet cheering in their little yellow hats, you’d realize this whole witch hunt is not necessary.  He came, he delivered a magical address, and put Georgia Tech on the map for something other than a shitty football team and a 99:1 male to female student ratio.