Boing Boing- Heads up – if you’re a fat woman who wants to dress up as a popular fat character for Halloween, good luck trying to find a plus-size Ursula (from “The Little Mermaid”) costume. Disney DOES partner with a company called Disguise Costumes to offer those ubiquitous, often inappropriate “sexy” versions of characters, and they do offer an Ursula costume – but Ursula can’t be fat and sexy at the same time, so if you’re an actual plus-size woman, better look elsewhere. The “Sassy Ursula” offered in their “Fabulous Flirts” collection comes in sizes S, M & L – with L equal to a US 12-14. (The company does have a small range of actual plus size “Disney Princess” costumes – you can be Fat Cinderella or Fat Belle if you want to, but you can’t be Ursula. Better luck next time, fatties.) It’s outrageously exclusionary – it basically tells fat women that we’re too fat to play a fat character; it also tells fat women that in order to be sexy, a character must be made skinny.

There’s a few things in the world that everyone can agree are objective truths, and the fact that fat people and sexy costumes mix about as well as Tim Tebow and a gay bar might be at the top of that list. Just because Mean Girls told you that Halloween is an excuse for girls to dress up like sluts doesn’t cancel out the fact that your skin tight costume is a skin tight costume. There’s a certain point where it’s time for you to stop trying to be sexy and just embrace your role as the funny fat girl, and it’s right about when you start complaining that they should make sexy costumes in a size 24. Plus who in their right mind is thinking off ideas for sexy Halloween costumes and decides to go with the giant tentacled bitch from The Little Mermaid? I don’t care how fat you are, quit being an asshole and just be Ariel. This isn’t fucking Japan.