CNet - What if every time a Facebook friend liked one of your Facebook posts, that friend appeared out of nowhere, wrapped her arms around you, and gave you a big hug of appreciation? That would be pretty sweet. Since that’s not likely to happen in reality, you’ll have to settle for the Like-A-Hug vest from Melissa Chow, Andy Payne, and Phil Seaton at the MIT Media Lab. When a friend likes your photo, video, or status update, the vest inflates. Send a hug back to your buddy by squeezing and deflating the vest.

Fucking awesome.  Is it possible to get hugged to death?  Like can you get so many hugs that you just die from being so loved?   Because my Barstool U Facebook game is off the chain.  Just picture after picture of straight fire with dozens and dozens and hundreds of likes.  Can’t figure out why though?

It’s like they all have something in common that guys really like or something.

Anyway call me when this thing gives blowjobs, then you’ll really be onto a billion dollar idea.

BARSTOOL U on Facebook, like some shit and give me hugs.

PS-  Dick dog still takes the cake: