PZ - A North Side teenager was “having a bad day” when he wound up and socked a Pittsburgh teacher in the face for no reason during an encounter last week in a Downtown alley, a Pittsburgh police commander said Wednesday. “This was just a random act of violence. He stated he was just having a bad day that day,” Zone 2 Cmdr. Eric Holmes said of the 15-year-old. The punch — caught on a video camera mounted in Tito Way between Liberty and Penn avenues — knocked out James Addlespurger, 50, an English teacher at the Pittsburgh High School for the Creative and Performing Arts.  Hill District station Detective Al Flemm, one of the lead investigators on the case, said the suspect described himself as an “angry person” and had no connection with Mr. Addlespurger. “Didn’t know him,” Detective Flemm said, “no rhyme or reason.”

If this dude was a college professor I would say yeah right these kids didn’t know he was a teacher.   Nobody deserves to get sucker punch KO’ed more than some asshole condescending professor, guy who probably takes attendance and assigns 10 page essays every week and doesn’t bother teaching during class because he’s working on his book or academia journal entry.  But for a high school English teacher I’ll buy the “just having a bad day” excuse.    Hey sometimes you just have one of those days.  Nothing is going your way, you’re real stressed out, you wake up and realize you live in Pittsburgh.  Only way to let some of that negative energy out is to coldcock a motherfucker at random in an alley.  We’ve all been there.