ADA, OKAn East Central University football player has bonded out of jail after being arrested for allegedly selling drugs on campus. Ada police reports state 22-year-old Armonty Bryant was taken into custody during football practice Monday. Bryant plays defensive end for the ECU Tigers. Bryant allegedly sold $20 worth of marijuana to an undercover officer on two separate occasions. Court records show he posted $25,000 and was released from the Pontotoc County Justice Center Tuesday around 1 a.m.

Hey citizens of Ada, sleep tight tonight knowing all the murderers, rapists, thieves and hooligans are officially off the streets!  We’ve got the first violent crime free city in the history of America.  I mean that’s the only explanation for a sting operation on a college kid selling $20 dime bags of marijuana right?  Like is that even illegal anymore in the first place?  What’s 20 bucks get you, 4 hits?  And then arresting him in the middle of Nutcracker drills just to send a message.  Pot smoking will not be tolerated.  Not in Ada it won’t.