UPICzech President Vaclav Klaus was attending a ceremony to mark the opening of a repaired bridge. Witnesses said the man put a plastic “airsoft” gun to the president’s side and pulled the trigger seven times. The president’s bodyguards didn’t immediately respond to the incident, letting the man walk away. Ondrous gave several media interviews in which he claimed he pulled off the stunt to draw attention to the plight of the Czech Republic’s ordinary people before police eventually arrested him several blocks away in Chrastava Square.

Uhh kind of a bad look for the Czech Republic I would assume?  I mean this is your security on the head of state?  A couple of bros just scanning the crowd for hotties laughing with amusement while a crowd member sticks a muzzle on the President and blows him away with airsoft pellets?  Then just letting him waltz off and chat it up with some TV reporters.    Big time stuff.  Regardless I laugh every time I watch the reactions to the gun.   Pres just a little grumpy and mildly annoyed he’s about to be shot while Mr. Mustache just smiles.     Somewhere Lee Harvey Oswald gently weeps.