The AustralianTHE father and brother of the pilot of a red biplane missing in southeastern Queensland were killed in the 1950s in a crash involving the same model airplane. Pilot Des Porter is one of six people on board the 1930s de Havilland DH84 which left the town of Monto, 180km west of Bundaberg, this morning, the Nine Network reported. The plane had left an airshow at Monto and had been due to arrive at Caboolture Airport, north of Brisbane, about 2.15pm (AEST), but never arrived. Mr Porter was 10-years-old when he survived a crash in the same model of aircraft, a de Havilland Dragon, in 1954. His father – the pilot – and his older brother were killed when the airplane went down in a creek in Brisbane’s south. A distress call from Mr Porter shortly after 1pm (AEST) today was picked up by a Nine Network helicopter pilot. Mr Porter said he was having difficulty positioning himself and wanted assistance, the Nine pilot said.

This is how I know I’m going to hell.  Exhibit A.  I mean stories like this are supposed to be inspiring.  The heart-warming tale about the man who picked up the broken pieces of his family and tried to salvage what he could in their honor.  A guy hell bent on fixing what was taken from him no matter what the odds and the risks then unfortunately fell just short.  But you know what it is to me?  A knee slapper.   Like I just read my own headline and laughed out loud.  ”Guy restores plane that crashed killing his family then flies it and immediately crashes.”  What a dickhead.  Take a hint pal.   The plane hates your family.  Get a new one or take the train.