PCA self-professed protector of women was arrested for public intoxication Monday afternoon. Iowa City Police Officers were dispatched to the Pedestrian Mall at 2:43 p.m. for multiple complaints of a man harassing people. Police said they found 34-year-old Jerald T. Navarre shouting and smelling of alcohol. Police said Navarre showed signs of intoxication, admitted to drinking and told officers he was “a little drunk.” He refused pre- and post-arrest breath tests. The man allegedly told officers he is “needed” on the Pedestrian Mall to “protect women.” He goes by “Captain Save-A-Ho,” police said. Navarre has a lengthy criminal record with various arrests for intoxication, burglary and escape from custody, according to online court records. Navarre has been charged with public intoxication.

Oh thank god the streets of Iowa City are safe!  Everyone come out of your homes!  What a joyous day!   Oh wait a minute 24 chicks just got fuckin raped and molested and sexually exploited down at the Pedestrian Mall because the cops took down Captain Save A Ho and his post was empty.       Good thing we’ve got him locked up behind bars and not turned loose in the shopping center protecting women.    That would suck to not have broads getting forcibly fingerbanged on the floor of Aeropostale or the Auntie Anne’s pretzel stand or something.    Seriously I don’t get why cops are always so anti-vigilante telling them to get off the streets and take the cape off and hang it up already?   Like they are doing your job for you.  For free.  Laws need protecting.  Hos need saving.  You can use all the help you can get especially in this economic climate.    There’s just no room for ego when protecting vagina at the mall is at stake.