NBC Sports- Last week, photos appeared on social media websites of SMU wide receiver Deion Sanders Jr. and some of his teammates hanging out backstage with rapper Lil’ Wayne.  The father of the SMU receiver told Adam Lawson of the Valley Morning Star that “his son was being investigated because ‘they’re trying to say (he) got into the concert because (he’s) an SMU player.’”  The elder Sanders went on to explain that Lil’ Wayne is one of his best friends. While the former Florida State star claimed that the NCAA is investigating his son, his son’s school claims otherwise. What SMU will likely find is that Sanders Jr. and his teammates were backstage because of who the former’s father is, not because they’re Mustang football players.


I know “power move” gets thrown around a lot on Barstool but I can’t think of a better way to describe what Deion Sanders did in response to these allegations. It’s the Johnny Football Defense times a million. No better what to shut people up than saying “My son doesn’t need special treatment because his name is Deion Sanders Jr, I’m rich and Dwayne Carter is a friend of the family.” Compliance never even knew what him them. Plus he managed to avoid blaming it on his son being a functioning alcoholic so as far as rich parents of college football players in Texas defending their sons go I’d Deoin’s doing a pretty good job. If any investigation should be going on it should be into why the goober in the back was allowed backstage at a Lil Wayne concert. Apparently he’s the quarterback or something but that doesn’t make up for the negative amount of street cred he has due to literally everything else about him.