Michigan - On Sunday, the antics of one Davenport University student didn’t work out quite as planned.

After walking across the stage and shaking hands with university administrators, Robert Jeffrey Blank removed his cap, planted his feet in place and attempted a backflip.

It didn’t go well.




Whatever happened to grabbing your diploma with a firm handshake, a nod, and a slow walk off the stage?  Maybe a little smile for your parents to take a picture?   Is the accomplishment and respect not enough anymore?  Now it’s everybody taking selfies and doing front flips and back flips and wild dances and shit.  Probably have chicks twerking all over deans and professors up there for all I know.  Fucking kids these days.  Serves you right punk ass.  Hopefully somebody else in this graduating class studied orthodontics and can help put your teeth back in your face.