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NBC - Video released by authorities on Wednesday shows an irate customer pistol-whipping a Florida Dunkin’ Donuts employee during a fight after authorities said he was given the wrong coffee order.

Employee Rajay Hall said that when Jeffrey Wright, 27, and his wife Alexis Longo, 22, of Plantation came through the drive-thru, he provided the wrong flavored coffee. He said he offered to fix the mistake.

“I asked them what do they want in the coffee. She was like I don’t know – like, just make back the coffee,” Hall said, adding that Longo was cursing at him.

Wright struck Hall multiple times against his head with his 9mm Taurus Slim handgun, Lauderhill Police said in a probable cause affidavit


Listen do I think that beating the fuck out of a guy and pistol whipping him for screwing up your drive thru order is a little excessive?  Of course.  But then again at the same time deep down in places I don’t talk about at parties I can kind of feel where they’re coming from.    I mean we’re not talking about Starbucks here.  Nobody’s ordering an extra hot mocha half caf latte extra foam or something.  Ain’t no baristas back there whipping up espresso masterpieces.  It’s fucking Dunkin Donuts.  They got a big ass coffee machine, a bunch of cream and sugar, and some flavor squirts if you want to add Hazelnut or French Vanilla.   If you can’t figure out how to make my coffee after I give you like multiple chances and make me late for work well I can’t guarantee the 9MM isn’t making a guest appearance across your face ok?



It’s reasons like this I never go to Dunkin Donuts anymore unless it’s to absolutely house a glazed donut breakfast sandwich.  Customers leave something to be desired.