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CNN - A CNN investigation found public universities across the country where many students in the basketball and football programs could read only up to an eighth-grade level. The data obtained through open records requests also showed a staggering achievement gap between college athletes and their peers at the same institution.

This is not an exhaustive survey of all universities with major sports programs; CNN chose a sampling of public universities where open records laws apply. We sought data from a total of 37 institutions, of which 21 schools responded. The others denied our request for entrance exam or aptitude test scores, some saying the information did not exist and others citing privacy rules. Some simply did not provide it in time.


The NCAA admits that almost 30 athletes in sports that make revenue for schools were accepted in 2012 with very low scores — below 700 on the SAT composite, where the national average is 1000. That’s a small percentage of about 5,700 revenue-sport athletes.

However, the NCAA did not share raw data. The U.S. Department of Education does not track statistics on the topic, nor do the conferences.

In fact, CNN only found one person in addition to Willingham who has ever collected data on the topic. University of Oklahoma professor Gerald Gurney found that about 10% of revenue-sport athletes there were reading below a fourth-grade level.
So, after consulting with several academic experts, CNN filed public records requests and concluded that what Willingham found at UNC and Gurney found at Oklahoma is also happening elsewhere.




Oh no way these stud athletes recruited for no other reason than playing sports aren’t in MENSA?  No way.  Who gives a shit?  A report by kmarko says a shitload of college nerds who can read good never get to have a 3some with 2 different groupies every other Saturday night.   A bunch of dweebs with a firm grasp of the English language and reading comprehension skills have never thrown a touchdown pass and watched 50 thousand people erupt all at once then carry them off the field on their shoulders.  Herbs on the med school track don’t have people wearing their jersey to class.    It’s a trade off.  Some people are smart and hone their intellect for future careers, others are gods on earth.  Can’t have your cake and eat it too and can’t be a living legend and also know how to read Young Adult fiction.