CLEVELANDThe Cavaliers’ growing injury list will now include its team mascot. Moondog needed to be taken to a local hospital after suffering an eye injury during a pre-game play fight with Indiana Pacers forward David West at The Q on Wednesday night. The Cavalier canine was later released and a team spokesman said he should be fine. The club did not update his status for Sunday’s game against Orlando. It’s unclear whether the Cavs, already without Kyrie Irving and Anderson Varejao among others, will need to promote a mascot from the NBA Development League “He jumped at me so I thought we were playing around and then the next thing I know he went down,” West told reporters after the game. “It was definitely an accident.” Moondog was spotted running through the hall, his dog head removed, clutching a towel to his eye. The mascot occasionally has fun sparring with opposing players before the game or during a timeout. Moondog and West exchanged some playful punches and apparently one caught him hard enough to do damage.

Cleveland in the house!  Man what a Cleveland story.   Just an absolute pit of despair.   That’s really the only way to describe it.   Complete and utter misery.  Like what do you got in Cleveland?  Shitty hoops team.  Shitty football team.  Shitty baseball team.   You lost Lebron.  Your #1 draft pick is hurt.  I mean when your mascot can’t even stay healthy you know you’ve hit rock bottom.  When your dog mascot can’t even play-fight without getting his shit punched through the back of his brain.  That’s when you just pretty much call it quits as a city.   Like this is what I’m going to think of from now on every time someone mentions Cleveland.    Moondog the mascot running through the halls flailing about blind with his dog head in his hands and his eyeball hanging out of his face.  Pathetic.