BOSTON A former Stonehill College is suing the private Catholic school in Easton for $150,000, saying she was driven into a deep depression by a promiscuous roommate and that the college refused to move her into a single room. Lindsay Blankmeyer of New York filed a lawsuit against the school in federal court in Boston Wednesday. She claims the school violated the federal Rehabilitation Act, the Fair Housing Act and various Massachusetts laws against discrimination by denying her requests for a new room. Blankmeyer’s lawyer, Cary P. Gianoulis, wrote in the complaint that school officials knew his client had been diagnosed with depression and attention deficit disorder. Blankmeyer contends that during her senior year at Stonehill, she got a new roommate who had online sex and actual sex in front of her in the dorm room they shared. Blankmeyer claims in her lawsuit that the school denied her requests for a single room and that she “fell into a dark and suicidal depression requiring her to take a leave of absence from school and undergo psychiatric and medical treatment.”

Everybody’s probably all up this chick’s asshole giving her shit for suing the school over a sex crazed roommate.  All the tough guy Stoolies probably like wake up prude, it’s college, if you ain’t sex crazed you ain’t trying,  get a grip. Well excuse me if I hold off on judgement for a bit because last time I checked we haven’t seen a pic of the roommate yet?  I mean sex crazed roommates are cool when they’re like Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester.  When you’re scoping out the newest College Rules clip on Pornhub or College Fuck Fest video on Youporn.   Not when it’s some real life 450 pound lesbian in the drama club sitting 5 feet away from you know what I mean?  You’d be clinically depressed too if you woke up from a powernap after Bio lab and saw some whale plowing herself with a double headed dildo to her fat girlfriend on Skype.   Some sights/noises can’t be unseen/unheard.  So yeah watching your roommate get fucked and getting sexiled 24/7 is all a part of college, and I’m pretty sure developing ADD from watching sex is a made up thing,  but let’s not jump to conclusions before we know what type of chick getting stuffed that we’re dealing with.