Daily MailA teenager has had her stomach removed to save her life after drinking a cocktail made with liquid nitrogen. Gaby Scanlon was celebrating her 18th birthday at a bar in Lancaster when she had the drink and began to feel breathless. She developed severe stomach pain and was taken to hospital where she was diagnosed with a perforated stomach. Doctors performed emergency surgery to remove her stomach and save her life. Miss Scanlon, from Heysham, Lancashire, is in a serious but stable condition, police said.  The bar which sold the drink was named by ITV News as Oscar’s in Lancaster. It issued a statement saying it was ‘tremendously concerned’ for the teenager and that its ‘wishes go to her and her family’. Last month the bar posted a picture on its Facebook page of a cocktail which contained liquid nitrogen called the Pornstar Martini. Sold for £8.95 with a shot of champagne, the bar called it ‘amazing’. Police said the bar has stopped selling all liquid nitrogen cocktails after last Thursday’s incident.

I bet all the tough guy Stoolies are going to make fun of this story because they’re so big and bad and manly.  Serves you right for going to one of those fancy mixiology places loser!  Did you enjoy your little $18 umbrella drinks and stirred cocktails, oh what’s that you didn’t because now you’re getting your stomach removed? Ha!  Where’s my Bud Heavies!  So classless.     Step your drinking game up.  It’s all about the mixology.   Some bitters soaked sugar cubes, some rye whiskey, some artisan crafted ingredients, muddlers and bar spoons and simple syrups and infusers.  Seriously I’m so on board with this bitch trying something new.  You tell me liquid nitrogen cocktails are all the rage I’ll be the first one at the bar dropping a paycheck on 3 rounds.   Definitely down to hit the bars with her assuming she makes a full recovery from getting her guts pumped from antifreeze.

PS-  They removed her stomach?  What does that even mean?  What happens now?